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24 Hours of Booty: Bike Rig Take 3

July 16, 2009

As per every wednesday, I head out onto Charlotte’s three mile Booty Loop and meet up with the Mojo rider my 24 Hours of Booty photo essay is based around. His team is currently in second in the overall fundraising effort for “Booty” and it is crunch time…for all of us. Next friday, hundreds of riders will roll off and begin a charity ride around Charlotte’s famous biking loop.

Today, I was borrowing another magic arm from a colleague (THANK YOU JEFF!!!) which worked infinitely better then the one I had been using. I also made some other adjustments to the overall rig set up. Instead of immense amounts of gaffer tape, I opted for zip ties which are cleaner, more reliable, and easier to use and install and take off. Things were looking good. The last two times I have headed off onto the booty loop to shoot, I had the camera facing backward set to the right of my rear wheel to capture the riders as they rode behind me. Today, I wanted something a bit different. I faced it forward. While I would not call it a smashing success, I have just thumbed through the 672 images I took this afternoon and a good portion of them were both usable and mildly interesting and since they may be used in the final product, I can’t show you the good ones…but I can show you the updated bike rig and the best test image I took before the Mojo team arrived.



I am clearly not convinced this will be stable.

I am clearly not convinced this will be stable.

The final product...a tack sharp view of my hairy leg :)

The final product...a tack sharp view of my hairy leg 🙂

Being an avid biker myself, I spent some much needed time in the saddle after my subject left for home. I ended up in very speedy and very dedicated draft line which reached speeds over 30 miles per hour on one flat section. I threw in the towel after 35 miles of riding. Of which 20 were done during the photo shoot. It was a good day.

Thanks for reading and be sure to stay tuned. The 24 Hours of Booty kicks off at 6pm next Friday (July 24) and ends at 6pm on the 25th. My final photo essay will take a few days to put together but expect it within a few days after the race ends.




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  1. August 13, 2009 7:13 am

    Nice work! I have meant to do something similar to this for a while, and seeing how you did it was interesting. Hope to try it myself this weekend. Thanks 🙂


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